Revolutionary Discord mass direct messaging bot

Lifetime Lifetime access to NexusDM and its future updates.
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Notable NexusDM features.

Silent API Bypass

NexusDM security features allow for your tokens to last longer using our detection bypass


Nexus is one of the fastest tool on the market, faster and more reliable than our competitors.


Low risk means your tokens will last more and you will be able to send more dms with the same number of tokens compared to our competitors.


Nexus has a low resource usage meaning that we do not overstress your computer.


NexusDM is priced so it is one of the most affordable solutions at almost 50% less compared to our competitors.

RealTime Feedback

NexusDM gives you realtime updates on how your mass direct messaging operation is going.

Terms of Service

These terms are accepted upon purchase and can be changed at any time, with or without notification.

1. All sales are final. Refunds will not be issued, even in the event of a suspension.
2. Sharing NexusDM binaries, your license or any kind of access with any unauthorized user will result in immediate suspension without notice.